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  • 2016-07-08                   
  • Beijing International Forum on Creative Economy
  • On 30th May, 2016, with the participation of UNCTAD, WTO, WIPO, UNIDO and Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce and co-hosted by the World Trade Point Federation and the United Association of Mayors International, Beijing International Forum on Creative Economy was successfully held at China National Convention Center. The forum aims to build an international exchange platform for creative economy, taking innovation as the core so as to accelerate the transformation of development model, boost structural adjustment and industrial upgrading and form a new driving force for economic growth. The former Prime Minister of Poland Waldemar Pawlak and the Vice Mayor of Beijing Cheng Hong attended the forum and made an address.

    Theme speech including: “The Trend of International Creative Economy” from Carolina Quintana, the coordinator of Creative Economy Initiative of UNCTAD; “Creative and IPR framework” from Wolf Meier-Ewert, Counsellor of the Division of IPR, Government Procurement and Competition of WTO; “Innovation enhances urban competitiveness” from Olivier Stoullig, coordinator of Creative Industry Project of UNIDO; “To promote the Creative Economic Development of Cities along the Belt and the Road and to enhance Urban Economic Cooperation” from Dai Yudong, the president of Executive Committee of the United Association of Mayors International; and “Case of Dubai’s creative city construction” from Ashraf Ali Mahate, Dubai Exports Government of  Dubai. Also Peruvian Ambassador of China Juan Carlos, vice governor of Wojew o dztwo Kujawsko-pomoskie Poland Zbigniew Ostrrowski, Elias Psinakis Mayor of Marathon Greece and mayors from Baicheng, Baishan, Liaoyuan, Panzhihua, China and experts, representatives of enterprises made speeches focusing on “Creative economy and urban transformation”, “the status and future trend of international creative economy” and “the creative way of Chinese Entrepreneurs”. The roundtable dialogue was hosted by Madam Yanglan, experts of international organizations from home and abroad such as the Palace Museum and Russia Lemontov Manor, exchanged ideas focusing on creative modes and development trend of different countries with the theme of “Innovation while inheriting”.

    During the forum, the Dragon Travel Holdings Ltd., signed the investment agreement on development and construction with four Chinese cities, over 10 programs with a total amount of RMB 1.32 billion are included in the project that covers scenic spots, national wetland park and military culture zone. Also the Dragon Travel Holdings Ltd. signed an agreement with government of Copenhagen, Denmark on the China Culture Town project, with government of Marathon, Greece on the development of the Ancient Battleground, the tourist program along the coast of Aegean Sea, the upgrade of the Marathon Museum and the project of organizing World Marathon Race with a total amount of 2.4 billion USD.

    The forum was co-organized by Trade Point Beijing and Beijing International Economic and Trade Development; supported by China Society for People’s Friendship Studies; and the International Business Daily of MOFCOM as the media supporter. 600 representatives including experts and officials of international organizations, municipal governments, embassies in China, chamber s of commerce and enterprises from over 50 foreign countries and 10 domestic cities attended the forum.