Institutional News
  • 2016-04-14                   
  • Director of Trade Point Berlin Mr. Stefan Schmitz Visits Shanghai Trade Point
  • In 13th April 2016, Mr. Stefan Schmitz who is director of Trade Point Berlin visits TP Shanghai. Mr. Li Yue who is director of TP Shanghai, had a face to face communication with Mr. Schmitz. They had deeply and friendly discussion about the development and cooperation between the TP Shanghai and TP Berlin. The director of WTPF's Business Development Center Mr. Zhang Zhiwen and vice director of TP Shanghai Mr. Zheng Yin also attended the meeting.

    In the meeting, Mr. Schmitz introduced the condition for TP Berlin and the development information in German. He hoped that in the future that there will be more and more Chinese enterprise and company could walk outside and attend the international profession international exhibition. TP Berlin is really willing to support Chinese enterprise to get information from Germany, and also could help about the development activities in Germany.  Meanwhile, both TP and WTPF's Secretariat had deeply discussion about the future cooperation.

    In the afternoon, there was a speech and discussion about " Doing Business with German Partners". This activity got great support from the following organizations and departments: Shanghai Electronic Commerce Promotion Center, Shanghai Cross-Border E-Commerce Association´╝îShanghai Public Service Platform for SME in Circulation, Shanghai Enterprise Competitiveness Research Center, Shanghai Small & Medium-sized Enterprises Development Service Center. There were more than 70 Shanghai local foreign trade enterprises attend the meeting. During the speech Mr. Schmitz introduced the requirements and rules about the commercial development in Germany. After the speech, Mr. Schmitz answered the questions about oversea trade and investment which are the local enterprises interested.